NBB Change

It’s not what happens, it’s how you react that matters. The awareness of the need for change leads to a desire for that same change. Support in and the knowledge of how to change requires a handson but agile approach!

Focus on change

Change puts pressure on processes. A few of these processes are fairly predictable and these can be serviced by specialists. However, how to deal with the less predictable situations? Have you consulted the right specialist? New Business Brains is regularly consulted to review plans and scheduled performances on inventiveness and feasibility. We will be happy to become the creative content partner regarding strategics, ideas and foremost… solutions.

Appraising and appreciation
We are committed to an optimal valuation of your company. Appreciated by all stakeholders as a reliable and responsible organization. But also in terms of good financial management showing consistency in financial performance are of tremendous value in processes as strategic changes. Are you ready in the event your company suddenly hits the spotlights?

New Business Brains Principles

Immediate solutions
the scanner function generates immediate insight while offering scope for acknowledgement/recognition and applicability

Strategic approach
Translation of desires and content to realization and consistent communication.

The only way to take plans beyond the stage of good intentions is to convert them into intense work. Hands-on implementation powered on by a keen brain.

Academic view
Starting-point: finding the balance in “figures” and “feeling”.

Always constructive, never disparaging.

Venture capital
Participation by New Business Brains could be raised for discussion.

Forethought beats afterthought

Are you capable of jotting down the characteristics of any particular change within or outside your organisation on no more than a cocktail napkin, beer mat or cigar pack? Homing in on the essence of the change, putting the focus on its causes and consequences, can be helpful in clarifying the issue in hand.

We think analytical, supply constructive criticism, tests for resourcefulness and applicability and join in the thinking process. What we offer is the “extra pair of midwife’s hands” in the marketing of your new “baby”: launching a brand-new business, taking over a corporate concept, acquiring a participating interest or performing a management buy-in.

New Business Brains Change Notes

Good observing has a learning curve: always alert and sharp analysing. Understanding how this can best be communicated is not key but crucial!

A good presentation strengthens its arguments. Thorough preparation for a meeting is necessary. It is an art to see, recognize and stick to headlines.

Automatically everyone gets an impression of the other. How demanding it can be if it appears that those impressions do not always correspond with reality.

Ambitions convert into hard work. Nothing is impossible if you do not have to do it yourself. Impulses become great experiences at focusing on positive and realistic goals. But first: set your priorities.

Preparing for possible future developments. Are you ready to cash in on your company? You can get more out of your key data!

Change can become emotionally. Unforeseen factors can suddenly play a dominant role. How professional are you? While you expected a discontinuation, things do not necessarily lead to the end of your change process.

The Corporate Heart

The human heart consists of four vital compartments. Each performance is based on four essential departments: these form the critical success factors for a healthy flow of business. Under our approach in designing the most appropriate and suitable communicative strategy, lies NBB’s Corporate Heart Chart™. The crucial departments comprise: Services, Products, Operational structure and Strategic drivers. These basic elements give meaning to the overall projected business performance. Without a high level of excellence per department and the closed information circuits between them, no strategy can ever survive in the competitive business environments anywhere in the world.

The S.P.O.S. Model
Being successful in business, one should always keep a sharp focus on the cooperation of its business departments as these can never be based on competetive market penetrations. Besides this, no strategic partnership can share pioneering momentum and its inevitable mutual business spirit! At NBB we successfully challenge partners with an ‘out-of-comfort’ approach.

New Business Brains values integrity, honesty and trust at its most basic levels. We welcome feedback, questions and/or remarks you may have. You can use the link to our contact form at the bottom of this page. We thank you in advance.