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Your words are more important than your thoughts. Genuine understanding starts with looking at something from the other party’s perspective. It’s exciting to create conscious content, support consistency in messaging and regulate timing in communication.

Visible businesses make a more successful impression

Strategy ultimately is all about outclassing the competition. It is strategy which “draws” your customers, suppliers and staff to you as their favourite partner in business. Would you be up for it if your business abruptly found itself at the centre of attention? Or would you be caught on the hop because your strategy and communication would still be under construction? A crucial element in this process is safeguarding and enhancing of your reputation.

Identity control?
A good reputation is important and taking uncalculated risks is unwise. Being alert should be exercised at taking the strategic road. It’s often a matter of finding the balance in ‘wanting’, ‘being able’ and ‘having courage’ to take the strategic step and considering its potential risks. Are ‘identity control’ and ‘risk analysis’ becoming communicating vessels?

Strategic communication

For about 25 years, strategic communication has been used as term for combining consistent communication impulses guided by a master plan supporting and promoting a brand and leading people to perform certain desired actions. It is essential to realize that before creating such a master plan. Strategic means getting the best possible message accross to specific target groups eventually nourishing organizational needs.

Corporate communication plays a key role in achieving organisational goals such as:
Hiring, retaining and motivating employees (labour market communication); Enhancing the organisation’s reputation among its target groups (public relations); Creating customer preference for particular products and services (marketing and public relations); Creating shareholder value (investor relations), Securing stakeholder support on issues of public interest (public relations) and Minimising the impact of a crisis on the organisation’s reputation (public relations and investor relations).

Is your content sending the right message?
It is not about fancy marketing or keen press releases. It’s all about the honest voice you need, telling you the real difference your product or service will make when it hits the markets. Upon clearance, composing conscious content and best timing, will reach true audience attention. We specialize in strategic communication and communicative strategies.

Reputation: Your Most Valuable Asset

One of the most valuable assets of any enterprise is its reputation. Success depends on having a good reputation. There may be circumstances that have a significant impact on maintaining or improving such a reputation. Building a good reputation takes time as a mix of factors play a central role in the step-by-step process.

Corporate identity
A well-defined corporate identity and clear understanding of the external and internal image of an organization or brand ensures that each strategic decision is spot on. A real company image is how the public thinks about the company. A desired image is how the company would like to see itself! NBB guides and implements corporate identity programs.

New Business Brains’ mission is to advise and support our clients in this effort, working with them to achieve a worthwhile and successful result. We seek to form long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers, to the benefit of all parties.