NBB Concepts

NBB Concepts initiates, supervises, develops and implements solutions that lead to improvements in performance, customer satisfaction and “profit” in the broadest sense of the word. We work for entrepreneurs and businesses that welcome fresh impulses in ‘situations’.

The development of a concept

Ordinary knowledge is excellent for the maintenance of the existing one. Understanding is always about something new, about change. In addition, it only takes place within an understanding of the person who acquires it. He or she makes the mental click, looks at reality from another angle and has the abilities to develop something new. Insights, because they are so powerful result in a unbelievable potential for marketing. Plans remain good intentions if you are not willing to work hard and make full use of your talents. At NBB Concepts extensive knowledge and expertise exists in the field of developing new products, services and (international) business concepts. We will gladly help you to make your plans ready for the next phase.

Evolving Ownership
NBB honors the principle “who works the hardest, deserves the most profit”. Upon acquisition of a concept, it is possible that the new owner chooses one of our NBB guidance programs. In that event, we use in this case, the chart shown on the right: the initial 100% coaching intensity decreases as a new business product develops.

NBB Concepts per market

Business to business

New Company 4 You

For complete listings with nice sales terms without content, we refer to business brokers who go for volume and value you with “unique” client and corresponding advertisement numbers. What matters is that an honest voice tells you the way it is. With NBB Concepts as your guide instead of circling the roundabouts of company databases!

Do Zebras reveal their true stripes?
The visualization of a change process can be experienced looking at Zebra behavior. The various stages that precede a change and the implementation period itself tend to show the basic emotions one would recognise: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. Click on the logo or here to view the Zebras!

Corporate Midlife Crisis

It’s now or never…
It is far from uncommon for successful executives and entrepreneurs to “outgrow” their ideals. The power, the strategic responsibilities, the commercial interests all start paling into significance compared with intensifying thoughts about a more small-scale or simplified approach, a pioneering drive and the realization that the next successful venture might well be the final one.

Your corporate “coming out”
We understand the situation you are in and appreciate – strategically speaking – why you should keep your thoughts and dreams to yourself. Through the “NewCompany4You” label we offer you an introduction to profitable initiatives for (international) business markets, the leisure sector, foreign real estate projects and lucrative products and services.

Fresh Concepts!

Drink Revolution
People tend to embrace habits giving them comfort and security. In marketing, this works out differently: changing habits may enhance brand recognition. Especially in the “Food & Beverage’- industry as we all need to eat and drink. NBB Concepts works amongst others on innovations for liquid applications. Does your brand need fresh impulses?

World Wide ‘Labels4Leisure’
While the world is busy producing sustainable energy, we care about the people. We bring fresh opportunities for people trying to make more out of their life and for existing ‘leisure owners’. NBB Concepts has incorporated its “labels4leisure” initiatives in a clear and revolutionary new worldwide leisure company footprint. Are you our partner or future owner?

Web Sourcing & Sales
No day is the same. Internet providers and users do not need ‘to eat the pudding’ as innovations are digested upon their launching moments. NBB Concepts envisions trade enhancements by combining internet applications and atypical internet businesses. We pride ourselves not to ’know it all’ but just be the specialist at hand with tested concepts.

We thank you for your interest in NBB Concepts. In case you have remarks, questions or prefer to leave us your feedback, please do not hesitate to be in contact with us. Inquiries regarding the product availability and becoming the owner of one of our concepts please use the below listed contact details.