NBB Approach

New Business Brains is an independent, full services provider in the field of Change. We stand out because of our ‘out-of-comfort’ approach. We focus on changing positions in broadest sense: what is the purpose of your change and its motivation. What are you trying to do?

‘Insights’ as a powerful tool

Insights are characterized by a sudden change of view. It is an emotional inner experience which by definition encourages a change in behavior. It is a form of intuition enhancing opportunities in new business. Either seen from an commercial angle or as from strategic points of view.

From ‘intention’ to ‘doing business’!
New Business Brains takes great pleasure to be your intuitive creative content partner with strategics, ideas and solutions. We focus on the intended and unintended changes where entrepreneurs and businesses stand or face. Extensive experience exists in the fields of corporate communications, marketing and developing new products, services and (international) business concepts. We are happy to help you change an ‘entrepreneurial intention’ to a workable ‘business plan’ based on reasonable and achievable goals.

Nesting ground
Would you have the ability to connect thoughts to eachother? Being able to create meaningful ideas and conclusions require a very alert mind. It is an important contribution to use this ability effectively in conversations with our clients. Ultimately, we create a reliable nesting ground to be able to guide and complete either desirable or undesirable changes.

New Business Brains Customer Base

New Business Brains is an initiative by entrepreneurs for:

Existing entrepreneurs who are keen to innovate, who are able to innovative or who have no choice but to innovate so as to take advantage of future opportunities.

Managers who dream of trading in their employment contract for a business of their own, in which they will be able to practice all they have learned.

Export managers who are looking for new distributors or prefer ‘refreshing’ the existing sales network.

Senior executives from large-scale industry who have decided to swap power for a more orderly organization and are keen to switch to a more small-scale approach. Giving them more than ever to chart their own course without having to make allowances for other stakeholders.

Inventors who have come up with a brilliant creation and need to discuss both strategically and substantively in a “think tank” context. How does one commercialize a good idea?

New Business Brains values integrity, honesty and trust at its most basic levels. We welcome feedback, questions and/or remarks you may have. You can use our contact details listed below. We thank you in advance.